0 10v dimming ballast wiring diagram

WIRING DIAGRAM DIMMING CONTROL APPLICATIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS Use Purple (+) and Gray (-) for connection to 0-10VDC 0V = Minimum Light Output Wiring Purple and Gray together provides 3% light output

Can be wired Class I or Class II 0-10V Dimming. The first and simplest electronic lighting control signaling system, low voltage 0-10V dimmers use a low voltage 0-10V DC signal connected to each LED power supply or Fluorescent ballast. Wiring Power Pack Wiring the Power Pack depends on the

application and the line voltage. Refer to the appropriate wiring diagram below. Turn Power OFF Before Wiring. ®SPECIFICATION SUBMITTAL Page Job Name: Job Number: Model Numbers: PowPak® Dimming Module Energi TriPak® Series Wireless Lighting Control 369779c 1 08.19.16 PowPak® Dimming Module with 0 –10 V - Control The PowPak ® Dimming Module with 0 –10 V- Control is a radio frequency (RF) control that Tenial Data DALI Digital to Analog Converter Overview The DALI Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) is a lighting control device used to control any standard 0-10V current sourcing Lamp Type No. of Lamps Input Voltage (V) Input Current (A) Input Power (W) Power

Factor MAX THD (%) Ballast Factor Min. Starting Temp.(F/C) Lamp Current Crest Factor Espen Technology Inc. 12257 Florence Ave. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 Indianapolis Office: 1350 Brookville Way, Suite F Indianapolis, IN 46239 ANCHOR Columbia Lighting a division o Hubbell Lighting Inc Speci-cations subject to change ithout notice. 70 Millennium Blvd Greenville SC 2960 Tel 864.678.1000 Website www.columbialighting.com WIRING DIAGRAM for EMERGENCY OPERATION at 120V-277V with 0-10V DIMMING Emergency Ballast and AC Ballast must be fed from the same circuit LED DIM DRIVER 120V - 277V BODINE BSL17C EMERGENCY LED DRIVER CUSTOMER SHOULD CONNECT ONLY AFTER FINISHING WIRING TO AC POWER. Dimming Specifications

MADLI digital control Each ballast will be assigned a random MADLI address between 1 and 1023. By using the digital control feature, each ballast can be …

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